Gradual Injury

Gradual injuries can affect many different industries and job types and may only surface in later life. Often people do not realise that the illnesses and ailments they are living with can be the result of years spent in the workplace.

An example of this includes vibration white finger, which is the culmination of years of using handheld vibration tools such as drills. This condition has become prominent in coalminers, where there have been lots of high-profile cases won on behalf of clients. Making an injury claim can highlight a problem and helps to prevent other people from suffering unnecessarily from the same injury or illness.

Another common condition as a result of a gradual workplace injury is repetitive strain injury (RSI).  RSI can be debilitating for sufferers and affects a number of different job types, including those that require computer-use or where frequent repetition is involved.  Many people do not realise that this may be the cause of their problem and live in pain for years without any justice or compensation.

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