Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness has become an increasing workplace illness for which Pearson Hinchliffe has represented clients. You should not expect that carrying out your job will cause health problems that may last a lifetime.

There are numerous industries for which loud noise is inherent in the workplace. Nightclub and bar staff are regularly exposed to noise levels that could be greater than the legal limit of 80 decibels. Engineering factories and mills are also at risk of exposing employees to illegal noise levels, especially at a time when these industries were prominent in the UK. Even if the company you once worked for is no longer in business, Pearson Hinchliffe personal injury solicitors still have the expertise to bring an industrial deafness claim to court and fight for compensation.

It is imperative that employers carry out a risk assessment of the workplace to establish areas where action needs to be taken. Health and safety training and hearing protection are also necessary to prevent hearing issues or potential industrial deafness.

Symptoms of industrial deafness include tinnitus, temporary or muffled hearing, or difficulty to hear when exposed to background noise, such as when in a pub. If any of these symptoms are familiar, then contact one of our skilled personal injury solicitors. Simply call 0161 785 3500 and we will talk through your no win no fee case and advise on your next steps.

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