Workplace Assaults

Everyone should be allowed to undertake their job without fear of workplace assaults or incidents. Unfortunately it has become ever-more common for attacks to happen on staff members, particularly in high-risk occupations such as security guards the NHS and even schools.  It is totally unacceptable to be injured at work as a result of an assault or attack, whether from a colleague, customer or patient.

Working in these industries can be mentally tough and physically demanding, a person should not be fearful of going to work and suffering a personal injury due to violence. Workplace assaults can happen in any job and be the result of an attack from a colleague or even bullying. The effects can be physical, emotional or psychological and can result in a person being unable to continue in their career.

It is important that risk assessments are undertaken in situations where an employee may be exposed to danger or violence while undertaking their duties at work.

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