What is No Win, No Fee?

Basically, no win no fee means that it will not cost you anything to make a workplace injuries claim. Even if you do not win your claim for compensation, you do not have to pay our fees. If successful, we will recover our fees from the losing party.

The no win no fee system (also known as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’) is a means for people at all levels of society — not just those who can afford to have legal representation — to realise their legal rights in a whole range of compensation cases.

Seeking compensation from an employer or an individual is only an option for many people thanks to the fact that they have access to the compensation system via no win no fee.

What are the costs?

No win no fee is not without costs however; there may be court fees, the fees for a medical expert to produce a report or other investigations to be made. These are called disbursements and normally paid at the end by the losing party.

What are the risks if you lose your claim?

In the unfortunate event that the case is unsuccessful we, as your solicitors, take a risk that we may not be able to recover our costs, but you will probably be liable to pay the court fees, medical and investigative costs and the other side’s costs.

However, as a rule, we advise our clients to take out a very common insurance policy known as 'after the event' insurance to cover this risk. You may be asked to pay a small insurance premium which in the majority cases will be the only payment you will make in the whole compensation process.

All fees, costs, insurance and risks will be fully explained by your solicitor at your first appointment.

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